ASOBEAGE Toilet Brush with Flexible Bristles, Silicone Toilet Brush with Quick Drying Holder Set for Bathroom Toilet (Silver)

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Our brush holder comes with a stable base and it enables the brush to be dried faster. With a clever ventilation design, the holder channel water vapor away through the upper and lower ends, which makes it easier to keep the base clean.

The cleaner toilet brush never wears out or changes its shape, maintaining perfect cleaning. Silicone brushes features a flexible head that reaches all areas, anti-clog and anti-drip bristles. It won't scratch the surface of toilet either!

The built-in drip tray catches excess water and the ventilation slots in drip tray allow water to quickly evaporate. You can neatly and discreetly stores the toilet brush within easy reach. The simple and beautiful design is coordinated with your bathroom .

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