BAIYAOHOME Kitchen Caddy Coffee Maker Sliding Tray, Premium Under Cabinet Appliance Toaster Blender Air Fryer Stand Mixer Countertop Storage Moving with Smooth Rolling Wheels

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 Kitchen Caddy Sliding Tray -Perfect solution for that corner of the counter in your kitchen. -Are you are tired of lifting and moving your heavy mixers, blenders, coffee makes or any other kitchen appliance-We has created the perfect counter appliance solution for you!

Place any of your small kitchen appliances on the tray. -Simply slide out this handy countertop tray when you need the slab and slide it back effortlessly when not needed. -The tray will hold an appliance that weighs up to 30 pounds. -No more scratching your counter tops by dragging you coffee maker forward to start your day!

Perfect for holding kitchen appliances; It’s a good helpmate when you’re dealing with moving or organizing appliances - The sliding function and smooth wheels are convenient for using Dishwasher safe and very easy to clean -Sturdy to hold various appliances fits under all cabinets or on countertops - Our caddy tray will ease your burdens by holding out all types of kitchen appliances up to about 30 lbs without any trouble.

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