AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden, White

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 This garden has 20 watt LEDs, an automatic timer that makes sure the lights go on and off at the right time, and display buttons to remind you when to add water and plant food. This kit comes complete with everything you'll need to grow 6 endlessly fresh gourmet herbs.

  • Gourmet herb seed kit (6-POD): Genovese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil and mint;
  • 1 x 88.7 ml (3 oz) bottle all natural plant nutrients


  • Up to 6 plants can be grown at a time
  • Up to 30.5 cm (12 in.) tall in your indoor garden
  • Plants grow in water, not soil
  • Advanced hydroponics made simple
  • Control your hydroponics growing system with touch sensitive buttons that let you know when to add plant food and water
  • High-performance, full spectrum 20-watt LED high efficiency grow light system in your garden is tuned to the specific needs of plants
  • Grow fresh herbs & veggies all year round in this indoor herb garden
  • Always fresh, always local, always in season

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