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DVD ROM Features: Weblinks to the orignal Band of Brothers website and more! Documentary: "We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company" - 80 minute documentary featuring interviews with the real men of Easy Company Featurette: 30-minute "The Making of Band of Brothers"

The Premiere On The Beaches of Normandy - includes interviews with Easy Company vetrans and heads of state for the Unite d States, Great Britian, France and Canada. Interviews: Ron Livingston's Video Diaries - The experience of making "Band of Brothers " through the eyes of one actor. Other: Interactive "Field Guide": An extensive reference feature that details the people, places an d events associated with Easy Company's campaigns through Europe, and World War II as a whole, including sections such as: soldiers, t imelines, maps, chain-of-command and glossary of terms.

  • Language: : English 

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