DR-HO’S Small Replacement Gel Pads - 8 x 2 Small Pads

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DR-HO'S® Small Gel Pads Kit comes complete with 8 pairs of replacement gel pads. The regular sized electrode gel pads are sized to accurately target spots that cause pain or tension. Use them on your neck and shoulders for headaches and neck pain, wrists and hands, back, legs, and ankles. 

DR-HO'S® small gel pads replacement kit works with the Pain Therapy System to target tension in the neck and shoulders that can lead to migraines. Prevent migraines and get fast temporary relief from neck pain.
These long-lasting and super conductive gel pads are specially designed to maximize the effects of the Pain Therapy System.
DR-HO'S® Pain Therapy System paired with our small gel pads are also great at targeting shoulder pain and other areas with precision. Use four pads or two pads to get fast-acting relief around the rotator cuff, shoulder blades and more!

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