Glad for Pets Jumbo Activated Carbon Training Pads For Large Breeds | Best Jumbo Dog Pee Pads For Absorbing Urine and Odor Quickly | Eliminates Urine Odor on Contact, 30 Count, Black

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  •  Glad Jumbo Training Pads utilize quilted cushion technology to prevent liquid from spreading and a polymer layer to turn urine into a gel
  • 5 LAYERS OF LEAK-PROOF PROTECTION - Leak-proof pads absorb urine in under 30 seconds, preventing leakage and keeping your home dry and free from pet urine. Please make sure all edges are folded out completely during use to prevent leaking
  •  Activated carbon layer neutralizes odors and absorbs yellow spots
  • PERFECT FOR TRAINING NEW DOGS — Dog pee pads are perfect for training new dogs and making it easier on senior dogs
  •  Pads are ideal for large breeds or multiple dogs
  • ADDITIONAL HOUSEHOLD USES – Get more use out of these disposable pads by using them as a food & water spill catcher, cat litter box spill mat, wet paw door mat, crate liner, furniture protection sheet, bath mat, and even an oil change drip mat

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