Levoit Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier 5.5L Ultrasonic Humidifiers with Remote Control

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Warm & Cool Mist:                                                                                                                             The gentle, warm mist provided by humidifiers humidifies your winter home faster than cool mist mode and is known to relieve cough, congestion in cold, dry air. Cool mist keeps nasal passages, sinuses, and skin hydrated in cold&dry weather with a super high mist output up to 450ml/hr, moisturizing the dry air faster.

5 Adjustable Humidity Levels & Auto Mode:                                                                                   5 cool or warm mist settings can met all your needs and specify humidity level setting form 30% to 80%RH can keep your room in a comfort humidity (40-60% is the best). Choosing Auto Mode allows the humidifier to self-manage its mist output based on surrounding humidity and temperatures.

Informative LED display & Quiet as a Whisper:                                                                                  Informative LED display with Relative Humidity (RH) Level Indicator and Ambient Temperature Indicator help you keep tabs on your surroundings. Ultrasonic air diffusion makes a quiet humidification that even babies cannot hear;                                              
5.5L Large Capacity:                                                                                                                            Allows for up to 36 hours continuous use of the humidifier while running on the lowest mist level. Covers up to 753 ft² in large room, bedroom, living room, or office.

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