Milliard Childrens Memory Foam Nap Mat Roll Stars with Fuzzy Blanket

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It’s a pillow…it’s a blanket…it’s a thick cozy sheet. It’s…an all-in-one napping station for your lil tot! The memory foam mattress contours to the shape of your child for a super comfy experience that even adults would find comfortable. The soft fuzzy blanket will keep your toddler warm and cozy as he falls asleep. Textured bottom keeps mat in from sliding around.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 114 cm × 58 cm × 5 cm (45 in. × 23 in. × 2 in.)
  • Weight : 1.3 kg (3 lb)


  • Great for Daycare, preschool, camping trips, visiting grandma
  • Super soft and comfy
  • Memory foam fat for comfort
  • Hook-n-Loop fasteners to carry it along wherever you go.
  • Includes removable pillow


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