Power Xl Slimline Vortex 5Qt Air Fryer

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The PowerXL Slimline Air Fryer is a high-performance air fryer that replaces your convection oven and toaster oven in one convenient countertop design. Its expanded single-layer cooking surface with all-over air crisp technology cooks and crisps food closer to the heating element for the most even, golden-fried results. Instead of stacking and piling, your meals get the proper space required for perfect, uniform crisping every time.


  •  design lets you choose from multiple cooking methods - homemade pizza, French fries, bake, steak, chicken, dehydrate and reheat
  • Precise temperature control with dual heating elements gives you optimal cooking and crisping across all functions
  • LED digital touchscreen
  • Perfect for sheet pan meals
  • Heating up to 400°F
  • Timer with auto shut-off

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