Alaskan Pet-Friendly Ice Melter Jug, 4-4.5-kg

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The Alaskan Pet-Friendly Ice Melter Jug offers a salt-free, gentle formula for melting ice and adding traction. Formulated to melt down to -26°C, this ice melter contains a blend designed to be gentle on paws and vegetation. The easy-to-use jug dispenses ice melt that won't harm grass, concrete or plants when used as directed. Keep walkways clear and paws happy this winter with Alaskan's pet-friendly ice melting solution.• Alaskan Pet-Friendly Ice Melter Jug, 4-4.5-kg


Clearout Deal: No
Country of Origin - Assembly: US - United States
Features: Pet Friendly, Concrete Safe, Vegetation Safe
Model Number: 8423800
Universal Product Code (UPC check): 07345475926664

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