Grey's Anatomy The Complete Series Seasons 1-17 DVD Set - ONLY ENGLISH

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Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1-17 DVD Overview:

As the interns struggle to find their stride as surgeons, Jo begins her reign as chief resident. Things take a turn for the worse when the computer system gets hacked at Grey Sloan Memorial, Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1-17 DVD as all of the patients records get held hostage for million. Unable to understand why the ransom is so large and unprecedented, Bailey realizes it is due to the recently announced competition funded by Jacksons inheritance. Without the use of the technological advancements to which the doctors have become accustomed, they must rely on their instincts to treat their patients, Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1-17 Richard teaches his younger colleagues about how they worked in the Stone Age. One patient is transported to another hospital by a helicopter which encounters bad turbulence, causing a line to loosen and squirt blood everywhere.

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