H2OGO Underwater Adventure Sprinkler Pad 11'

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The H2OGO Underwater Adventure Sprinkler Pad is redefining backyard fun. Big and little kids alike will love the shallow splash pool created with the inflatable rim that surrounds the pad and traps the water for frolicking, splashing fun.
Get ready to dance beneath a cascade of cool water! Just hook up your garden hose to create the gentle streams that will not only inspire play and imagination but keep everyone cool under the warm summer sun.

Kids can jump, splash or wade in the water. Kids will be captivated by the friendly ocean themed graphics and parents will enjoy the easy set-up and safe water play. Everyone will find something to enjoy with Underwater Adventure Sprinkler Pad.


  • 1 pad, repair patch


  • Dimensions (L × W × H/D): 335 cm x 335 cm (131.89 in. x  131.89 in.)
  • Weight: 4.099 kg (9.037 lb.)


  • Gentle cascading water sprayer attaches to a garden hose for quick, easy fun
  • Keep cool by splashing in the shallow wading pool      

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