Koda Motion Activated LED Security Floodlight

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The Koda motion activated LED security floodlight is your high-brightness, 3000 lumen outdoor security floodlight made for all homes and businesses. With a built-in automatic daytime sensor, adjustable triple-head LED lamps, and advanced motion sensing technology, you will have light when you need it most.

  • 1 × Motion activated LED security floodlight
  • 1 × Mounting bolt
  • 1 × Decorative knob
  • 1 × Mounting plate
  • 1 × Mounting bracket
  • 2 × #6 junction box screws
  • 2 × #8 junction box screws


  • Enjoy a powerful, bright, and adjustable triple-head LED floodlight with 3000 lumens light output to create the most optimal brightness for any home or business.
  • Capture movement up to 70 feet away with 240-degree motion sensing technology and adjustable motion detection distance for your preferred range and coverage.
  • Save energy with an automatic and adjustable ambient light sensor that detects daytime light and avoids consuming energy when you don’t need it.
  • Made of durable and sturdy aluminum construction while being rigorously tested to withstand all weather elements for a year-long outdoor lighting solution.

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