Laminator,5 in 1 A4 Thermal Laminator Machine,Quick Warm-Up,400mm/min

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  • The kit contains 5 extra tools: 30 laminating pouches, a paper cutter (located at the bottom of the laminator), a round corner trimmer, photo frames. The round corner trimmer prevents your hands from being scratched, and the DIY photo frame can display the beautiful moments of you and your family.
  • The 90s preheating speed can effectively reduce your waiting time compared to other laminators with 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, our laminator offers a super-fast laminating speed: 400mm/min, which is equivalent to 80 A4 sheets in one hour! Optimize your experience.
  • The double-roller design of the laminator ensures smoother, faster lamination with no bubbles, wrinkles, or curled edges. If a paper jam occurs because the document placement position deviates from the center of the laminator, press the quick-release button while the other hand pulls the paper out to prevent damage to the document.
  • Our laminator provide a double-layer press system. Hot system: The temperature generated by the roller heats the laminating pouches, and then combines the print with the laminating pouches.
  • Cold system: for heat-sensitive and heat-damaged objects without heating requirements, requiring the use of adhesive-coated plastic film.

Thermal Laminator Machine

5-in-1 Thermal Laminator Machine

Perfect plastic sealing effect and a wealth of accessories to provide you with a new experience!

Thermal Laminator Machine

Thermal Laminator Machine

Thermal Laminator Machine

Thermal Laminator Machine

Thermal Laminator Machine

Thermal Laminator Machine

Paper cutter

The sharp but safe paper cutter is stored at the bottom of the plasterer, so you can use the cutter to cut the shape you want directly, and the grid lines make cutting more precise and less likely to make mistakes.

Laminating Pouches

We offer 10 sheets each of three sizes of laminating pouches, so you can laminate your documents, photos and business cards, or your children's toy cards as you wish.

Corner Rounder

After plasticizing, the documents are usually sharp and may be at risk of being scratched. Use our corner rounders to get a perfectly rounded corner to protect you and your children from harm.

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