Peradix Sprinkler Pad Splash Play Mat 68 Inches Outdoor Games Party Water Toys Inflatable Pool Kids Sprinkler for Toddlers Boys Girls Kids Extra Large Sprinkle Toys for Kids and Adults in Hot Summer

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  • High-quality materials: Peradix spray pad is made of 0.33mm thick environmental friendly PVC material with high durability, and the water injection port has a leak-proof gasket design, which is easier to use.
  • Unique design: interesting pattern design, bright color contrast. In the hot summer, Peradx kids water spray pad will bring coolness to you and your family, it can also leave a good memory image. Setting the water inlet on the side of the water spray pad can better prevent edge bursts at the water pipe connection caused by high water pressure during use.
  • Easy Installation: Just insert it into a garden hose or PVC pipe (pipe inner diameter 1.6-1.7cm), and then adjust the water pressure to make the spray height reach 1.2-1.5 meters; when the spray height is too high , It is recommended to control the water pressure to prevent product damage due to high water pressure.
  • Competition Games: This water spray pad is suitable for children aged 3-12. You and your child can enjoy the cool in the hot summer. It is equipped with integral discs corresponding to the product bonus items. You can customize the competition rules by yourself , Perform PK, enhance parent-child interaction, and help children's brain development and strengthen physical coordination.
  • Safe children's water spray pad: no harmful chemicals when playing. Perfect for birthday gifts and parties

splash pad

Peradix 68" children's water spray play mat, children's outdoor party watering toy, suitable for children aged 3-12, the most suitable summer gift;

Product Feature:

1. Material: PVC; Thickness: 0.33mm

2. Product diameter: 1.7m;

3. Packing size: 23*23*5cm

4. Gross weight: 1400g

5. Product packing list: water spray pad *1, repair sheet *2, gasket *1, water inlet plastic part *1, wafer *10, brand card *1

6. Applicable age: over 3 years old;

7. Water spray height: 1.2-1.5m;

Sprinkler Splash Pad for Kids Toddlers Dogs


sprinkler splash pad

Packing list:

  • Sprinkler play mat
  • 2 repair patches
  • sprayer connector
  • Gasket
  • 10 Plastic Counters
  • Brand Card

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