Resistance Bands Set,200 lbs Elastic Bands for Exercise Workout Bands with Handles Home Gym Equipments, Door Anchor,Ankle Straps Stretching Fitness Bands for Indoor and Outdoor Sports

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  • Maximum Equivalent of 200 lbs: 6pcs lbs resistance bands ,items can be used alone stacked in any combination to stackable Up to 200 LBS,The product be made of high-grade natural material.suitable for arms, legs, abdomen, back and other sports,Exercise to Calorie Burning, Muscle Building and Fat Shredding
  • Easy to Store & Save Space: Unlike traditional dumbbells, large fitness equipment and barbells, our products are designed with a telescopic tube, which can be stored in a storage bag, easy to store, suitable for home, travel, outdoor sports, etc. Kind of occasion sports.
  • Fashion Design: Adopts the Mixed Color design, correspond to black 50LBS, gray 50LBS, light blue 40LBS, pink 30LBS, light green 20LBS, black 10LBS of different colors ,1.2 meters in length , unisex, Suitable for beginners and long-term sports people.
  • Safety and Environmental:11PCS set of combinations,ankle strap and strong carabiner ,withstand high-strength pulling without tearing.The handle is designed with a dense version of non-slip and sweat-absorbing material,Comfortable,It feels good to hold a handshake,Absorbing sweat is strong,Safe and secure.
  • Quality Assurance: Natural and tasteless material ,Environmentally stainless steel nickel-plated material,for people of all ages,Insist on 30 minutes of exercise every day,Reduce big belly, tuck in abdomen, thin waist, exercise abdominal muscles, and create a perfect body. standard configuration: training tube+6. ankle strap+2, door anchor+1. handle+2. storage bag+1. Gift: Adjustable bearing steel wire skipping rope +1. Figure 8 pull rope +1

Resistance Bands Set,workout bands for women

Unordinary Resistance Bands Set for Full Body Exercise,Combine Multiple Fitness Bands Get Fit Anywhere,Workout Bands Work Fine for Muscle Toning, Stretching,Lose Weight,Exercise Bands Can Be Used to Yoga,Pilates,Stretching Exercises,Fitness,Insanity,Rehab Other Training Programs,Jumping Rope Make Our Body More Active,8-Shaped Bands Helping Get Attractive Back,Exercise Bands Help U Maintain Slim & Strong physical Condition.

Exercise Anytime and Anywhere to Burn Calories and Shape Body ,Resistance Bands for Training Exercises Take Away Tension Your Muscles and Body Position, Transport Bands Easy to Carry And Suitable for Anyone From Beginners To Fitness Experts.

Resistance Bands Set,Workout Bands,Exercise Bands,Fitness Training Bands,rubber workout bands

workout bands resistance set men,Resistance Bands for Exercise Stretching Bands Set

Exercise Resistance Bands Home Gym Equipment

high-grade natural material tube prevent abrasion and skin burnt resistance bands set

cross-stitch double-Layer reinforce weaving with a stainless steel eyelet, to reduce the risk of snapping and injury.

strong carabiner enhanced safety and ease of removal

handle is designed with a dense version of non-slip and sweat-absorbing material,Comfortable


Handle and the door stopper are made of soft and high-strengthened foam,there will be indentation on the way and back to the normal after a few days,pls don't worry ,it won't affect the use.


6pcs resistance bands

up to 200 lbs Fitness Bands
  • black 50LBS
  • gray 50LBS
  • light blue 40LBS
  • pink 30LBS
  • light green 20LBS
  • black 10LBS

Jump Rope-Adjustable bearing steel wire skipping rope

Women 8-shape Workout Bands,which makes them elastic and durable even after a long time exercising.

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