Royal Oak Star Grill 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal For BBQ Grilling, 4-Kg

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Size: 4kg
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  • Get the authentic savoury, smoky flavour that you love on beef, pork, chicken, seafood and vegetables
  • Use the same lump charcoal trusted by the best BBQ pitmasters across the USA. Pro fuel for traditional charcoal grills, smokers and ceramic or non-ceramic grills
  • Made in sustainably sourced Oak and Hickory hardwoods
  • Lights quickly and is ready to cook within 15 minutes. Light your charcoal with all natural Royal Oak Tumbleweeds for best results
  •  Our lump charcoal lights quickly, gets to high temperatures for a great sear and is also perfect for low & slow smoking at consistent temperatures with little ash
  • 4kg

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