The Colbys: Complete Series

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The Colbys is an American primetime soap that premiered in the fall of 1985 on ABC, as a spin-off of the popular and highly-rated primetime soap opera, Dynasty. It ran for two seasons. _x000D_ _x000D_ In the series' premiere, Jeff Colby relocates to California to reconnect with his own Colby kin and claim his shares in the family fortune. Jeff also hoped to reconnect with his ex-wife Fallon, who was believed to have perished the previous year, but who was not only very much alive but suffering from amnesia and newly married to Jeff's cousin Miles

Heading up the Colby clan was Jeff's uncle, Jason Colby, a powerful businessman who ran Colby Enterprises, the family company. Jason was married to the devious Sable, but was in love with her more sympathetic sister Francesca. Jason's older sister, Constance, served as the matriarchal figure of the family. Rounding out the family were Jason and Sable's three children- twins, Miles and Monica and daughter Bliss.

  • Number of discs : 12
  • Language: : English
  •  Format: DVD

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