Fulllight Tech Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard

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in the kit are 2 fl oz of shampoo and 1 Oz of balm and 30ml,1 fl oz of oil,beard comb, boars hair brush and sharp stainless steel scis-sors,Plus a high quality plastic beard shaping tool for trimming a nice beard at home.Because a single shampoo retails a lot, it is not included in most kits,We encourage you to compare.

Our wash, used twice a week, will help keep your beard heathy and shiny.It is formulated especially for beards and adds vitamins and & oils. Will not strip your beard of oils like regular shampoo.

Our Beard Oil & Balm are designed to keep your beard amazingly soft, shiny, smooth and full. All ideal ingredients,


 Our well-made Beard Comb, Boars Hair Brush and sharp Stainless Steel Scissors ,Beard template make trimming, shaping and taming your beard easier than ever.Add this to your Cart, bring it back, you will Get a Beard Care E-book to know more about.

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