18" x 18" Electric Dog Cat Heated Pad Waterproof Auto Power Off Indoor Use

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  • These heating pads for pet are our Fifth generation pad, they all have been used the latest heating wire which provide warmer and safer heat keep your pet (dogs, cats, rabbit, etc.) away from cold during this winter.
  • The pet heating pad is not only great for keeping newborns warm, but also the best choice for elder pets, pregnant pets, and animals recovering from illness or injury.
  • These electric heating pads are meant for dogs and cats, heat pads have a time setting of 1-12 hours to automatically turn off and a temperature setting of 80-130 ° F to provide security for pets.
  • You can set the appropriate time and temperature according to the actual situation. So that your pets can both spend cold nights with happiness and ease.
  • 7-layer protective structure, the top and bottom layer are polyester cover and PVC material, middles are 2 layers refractory wool and UL approved heating wire. The thick 7-layer structure is non-toxic and harmless, not only contributes to safety but also facilitates daily cleaning.
  • These heating pads have got safety inspection and certification, the quality is guaranteed, They also equipped with a temperature sensor, which can prevent the heating pad from overheating

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