Anker eufy Mini Indoor Cam Pan and Tilt 2K, 2-pack

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  • 2 × indoorCam Mini
  • 2 × charging Cable
  • 2 × wall Charger  


  • 2K Resolution: Stop guessing and know with exact certainty what’s happening inside your home
  • 24/7 Recording: IndoorCam Mini never stops recording, ensuring that your property is always monitored, no matter what time of day or night
  • Pan & Tilt: Check all the hidden corners inside your house to ensure nothing sneaks past you
  • Home Privacy Mode: Instead of unplugging IndoorCam Mini, use Home Privacy Mode to turn off the camera and rotate it to your preferred privacy angle
  • On-Device AI Human Detection: This innovative technology detects when a human enters the frame and cuts back on annoying false alarms
  • Noise-Activated 360° Pan: IndoorCam Mini detects suspicious activity, activates the recording, and rotates 360° to capture any potential threat
  • Motion Tracking: Any movement is followed and recorded, ensuring that you never miss the key details if someone walks out of frame
  • Subscription Free Security: IndoorCam Mini comes with local storage, so you won’t have another monthly bill piling up on your kitchen table

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