ArtSkills Brilliant Art Diamond Painting Kits, 3-Panel Sets

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  • Choose from 3 designs- Waterfall, Sunset and Forest
  • One design split across 3 panels (total design size is 14 in x 21 in.
  • Printed on stretched canvas to display beautifully
  • Plastic organizer for easy cleanup and storage for your gems
  • Gem trays with easy pour spout
  • Comfort foam grips to hold your gem stylus more comfortably while working
  • Makes a great shareable activity with friends and family
  • Clear-drying diamond sealer to make your finished diamond art last                                 


  • 3 stretched canvas panels, 7 in x 14 in each
  • 24,000+ crystal gems
  • 2 single gem styluses
  • 2 multiple gem styluses, large and small
  • 4 foam comfort grips
  • 2 gem trays with easy pour spout
  • 4 wax pieces
  • 2 wax containers
  • 1  2 oz bottle of diamond sealer
  • 1 plastic storage case
  • 34 reusable bags
  • 96 blank labels
  • 1 instruction sheet

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