Braun Series 8 Shave Head Replacement

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  • Over 18 months, your Braun electric shaver head blades cut over 6,000,000 hairs. Over time, the cutting parts naturally start to wear down. It is recommended that you replace the shaver head every 18 months, to keep your shave to a few strokes and reset your electric shaver to new. By routinely replacing the shaver head, your shaver body will remain in peak condition for years to come.
    Only compatible with #1102119 Braun 8330 Series 8 Shaver

      • 18 months life, 6,000,000 cuts
      • Reset shaver to new
      • Made and designed in Germany
      • Maintain peak shaving performance

      • Dimensions (L × W × H): 37.94 cm × 13.18 cm × 32.86 cm (6.93 in. × 5.28 in. × 3.58 in.)
      • Weight: 1.14 kg (2.5 lb.)

    Model: 83M


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