Bull Dog Skincare Sensitive Bamboo Razor with 13 Replacement Cartridges

Sale price$99.99


This razor comes with 13 refill blades and each refill has 5 tempered steel blades, a lubricating strip with aloe, and a precision trimmer and pivoting design. What sets the sensitive skin bamboo razor apart is the focus on lowering its environmental impact. From the natural bamboo handle, less plastic packaging to the un-chromed metal components. 

  • 5 tempered steel blades with lubricating Aloe strip for sensitive skin
  • Pivoting design and lubricating strip for a smooth comfortable shave
  • Precision trimmer 
  • Natural bamboo handle 
  • Unique locking screw (to replace bamboo handle)
  • Includes: 1 bamboo razor and 13 razor cartridge refills

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