DR-HO’S Triple Action Back Belt TENS & DR-HO'S Back Therapy Massage Belt

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DR-HO's Triple Action Back Belt is an innovative back belt with built-in fabric electrodes that are powered by DR-HO's Pain Therapy TENS device. It is designed to help relieve muscle tension, pain and stiffness.

It works by applying electrical nerve stimulation to the surface of the skin near the site of pain.

  • Fits waist sizes from 25" to 52"
  • TENS & EMS therapy with AMP technology
  • Inflatable lumbar support
  • Dual core support
  • Easy to use outer belt to tighten and provide support
  • Includes electrode pads to treat other areas of the body

 DR-HO'S Back Therapy Massage Belt

For those who contend with lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, muscle tension, stiffness, degenerative or herniated discs, the Back Pain Accessory Pack for a DR-HO'S TENS unit is ideal. Designed with various forms of back pain in mind, this package is full of accessories that are designed to target back pain effectively. 

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