Gizmo Riders Stratos Snow Bobsled for Kids

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The Gizmo Riders Stratos is a steerable 2-person snow bobsled for kids built for maximum speed and handling. The steering wheel of the Stratos is connected to a locking differential steering system that provides the Stratos with the ability to maintain high speeds during turns in winter conditions. Each ski turns at a different angle ensures that the snow sled won't flip over even in the fastest, sharpest turns. Featuring a massive spring-loaded brake that is easily activated by pulling up on the brake handle just below the steering wheel, the brake springs back to position when the handle is released, ensuring that this kids' snow sled keeps them safe after a quick stop.

This kids' bobsled also has an automatic retractable tow rope, allowing for quick and easy return trips back up the hill. Its anti-slip plastic on the seat keeps kids from sliding around in winter weather and the included brake and steering wheel provides maximum control. In addition, the plastic design has no sharp edges and will not corrode.

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