MySmile Teeth Whitening Led Light, Fast & Effective With Blue LED Accelerator Light Built-In Smart Timer

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  •  The MySmile teeth whitening light must be used with a teeth whitening product. Compatible with any teeth whitening gel, teeth whitening strips, or teeth whitening pen. Simply shine the light onto your teeth to enhance any teeth whitener
  • Our Teeth Whitening LED Light uses 5 LED Lights in it’s design to evenly distribute the light across your teeth, helping to give a uniform whiteness to your smile
  • includes a built in timer that shuts off after 10 minutes for your convenience. effortlessly keep track of time during whitening sessions without looking at the clock.
  • batteries are good for up to 48+ hours of continuous use. the light is also 100% percent safe for at home whitening, and does not cause any negative side effects or tooth sensitivity.


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