NCIS: Season 11 (English only)

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The team investigate the death of a Marine and discover a link between the current boyfriend of Diane Sterling, Gibbs and Tobias Fornell's ex-wife while NSA agent Ellie Bishop struggles to adjust to being a member of the NCIS team.

The holiday mood is ruined when the team is called up by the Naval Medical Research Center and CDC to investigate a potential bioterrorist threat after eight children from Navy and Marine families are hospitalized in the ICU with similar symptoms.

The team finds out the outbreak is not a deliberate attack: a returning serviceman accidentally acted as a carrier for a rare African disease, which can be easily treated. Vance finds himself receiving a visit from his estranged father-in-law, who he bears a grudge against for abandoning Jackie when she was young. However, Vance eventually has a change of heart and allows his father-in-law to make amends.

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