NEWON LED OUVERT Sign - French Only

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  The super bright NEWON® LED “OUVERT” sign offers an innovative colour change and animation features with a bonus lit business-hours sign with easy change digital hours.


  • Power supply
  • Hanging hardware


  • Super bright LED technology  
  • Business hours sign which stays lit when the “OUVERT” sign is turned off  
  • Allows you to easily customize business hours  
  • 3 lighting options: “OUVERT” continuously lit, flashing or unlit with business hours lit only  
  • Colour switch technology allows you to select the colour of the accent around the “OUVERT” sign: traditional blue, green, yellow, light purple, red, and multi-colour
  • Choose from 6 bold and brightly coloured special effects: blink, fade, trace 1 line, trace 2 line, multi-colour, cycle through all effects
  • Choose how fast or slow the sign cycles through the animation effects
  • Extremely durable shatterproof lens  
  • Energy efficient  

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