The Goldbergs Season 8 (English only)

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‘The Goldbergs’ follows the titular family’s escapades in 1980s Pennsylvania. Narrator Adam  just wants to grow up as a normal, nerdy teenager and possibly become the world’s greatest filmmaker. That looks pretty unlikely when he’s constantly battling his own family: there’s his smothering but well-meaning mother Beverly his hot-tempered dad Murray, rebellious and musical sister Erica (Hayley Orrantia)

 Season 8 “Airplane ”, sees Beverly announce a family vacation to Miami, but Erica suspects she’s up to something. As Murray grapples with his fear of flying and Geoff struggles to keep the peace, Barry and Adam risk alienating their girlfriends.

That will be followed by “The Prettiest Boy in School”, which follows Adam as he struggles to balance his old friendships with his new ones. Meanwhile, Beverly realises that she wants an adult relationship with her kids.


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