UltraThin with Powercomb Spray Shower Head

Sale price$99.99



  • 5-foot (1.8 m) premium stainless steel hose
  • Hand held shower head
  • Shower bracket
  • Easy to follow installation instructions


  • This UltraThin+ Shower Head by Waterpik delivers 5 unique experiences, from power to luxury.
  • The PowerComb spray quickly and effortlessly combs shampoo or conditioner from even the thickest hair.  In consumer testing, 91% of users reported improved hair manageability.1
  • The SoftComb spray gently sweeps your day away. The fine streams let you change from tension-relieving pulsations of water to a soothing spray so you can rinse in comfort.
  • Our Bliss Mist spray mode holds you in a warm embrace, using fine water droplets that energetically dance on the skin and allowing you to escape to blissful serenity.

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