Yellowstone: The Complete seasons 1-5 (Part 1) (DVD) English only

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the epic story of the Dutton family who control the largest ranch in the contiguous United States. Headed by John Dutton, Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner, the family faces an onslaught of attacks both from within and a world of vicious greed on the outside.

Secrets, lies, dangerous liaisons and escalating violence create high stakes drama at every turn. Land developers, politicians, an Indian reservation, oil and lumber corporations all want a piece of the billions on the line. It’s what America has come to, a wild ride through the eyes of a family that will stop at nothing to protect its legacy.

Jamie is still perplexed when he sees the evening news give positive reviews to  campaign for Governor, but Christina again tells him that John old-fashioned message has no lasting campaign value.

Jamie then tells her that his biological father Garrett has done thirty years in prison for the murder of his wife, Jamiemother. Christina takes the news badly and advises Jamie to distance himself as much as possible from Garrett if he wishes to succeed in the campaign against John.

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