DR-HO’S - Neck Pain Pro with Gel Pad Kit and Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt

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DR-HO'Ss - Neck Pain Pro is a drug-free solution which combines TENS, EMS, and proprietary AMP (Auto Modulated Pulse) technology to relieve pain associated with headaches, and neck and shoulder pain in as little as 20 minutes. It includes DR-HO'S® Everlast fabric electrodes which are specially placed to treat the neck and shoulders. The Neck Pain Pro also includes electrode pads that you use to treat other areas of your body. DR-HO'S® TENS device has been clinically proven to reduce muscle tension, improve local circulation, and relieve you pain. It includes proprietary AMP technology which provides over 300 combinations of different pain relieving stimulation techniques. This technology helps to prevent neural adaptation which allows your body to respond to the stimulation to help relieve pain and maximize the effectiveness of each treatment.


    • Contoured memory foam cushion with DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy System 4-Pads (T.E.N.S. control unit)
    • Dual port system: Allows you to treat 2 areas
    • Proprietary AMP technology only found in DR-HO’S® pain therapy systems  
    • 5 levels of intensity: clinical grade unit with lots of power, but adjustable for lighter stimulation
    • Massage timer: massage automatically turns off when time is reached
    • Operates on 2 AAA alkaline batteries (batteries not included)
    • Increases tissue oxygenation and circulation
    • TENS technology
    • EMS technology
    • AMP technology
    • Lightweight system fits into travel case
    • Health Canada class II medical device

Includes :

    • DR-HO’S® Pain Therapy System 4-Pads control unit (T.E.N.S.)
    • DR-HO’S® Neck Pain Pro contoured memory foam cushion with DR-HO’S® Everlast fabric electrodes
    • DR-HO’S® pain therapy back relief belt
    • 5 pairs of DR-HO’S® regular replacement pads
    • 3 pairs of DR-HO’S® large FlexTone replacement pads
    • 2 pairs of DR-HO'S® back relief belt replacement pads
    • Pad placement chart
    • Instructional manual
    • Spray bottle
    • Travel case

Cautions or Warnings :

  • Do not use if pregnant or have a pacemaker
  • Please follow the direction in the manual and consult a physician if you have any health questions

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