Dr-Ho's Neck Therapy Pro

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  1. Neck therapy pro with built in electrodes
  2. Ho’s pain therapy device
  3. Regular body pads + Large body pad

It's great for:

  • improving local circulation
  • helping to relieve chronic pain
  • helping to relieve pain associated with arthritis
  • helping to reduce neck & shoulder tension
  • helping to alleviate headaches

It also includes DR-HO'S long-lasting body pads so that you can also treat other areas of your body such as the:

  • upper and lower back
  • arms
  • hands
  • knees
  • hip

The DR-HO'S Neck Therapy PRO is a clinically proven and drug-free pain relief solution that's ideal for anyone who suffers from neck & shoulder pain, tension, or headaches. DR-HO'S TENS contains 341 auto modulating pain relieving frequencies which randomly change every few seconds so that you receive relief every time you use it.

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