elesories Noise Machine Sleep Therapy for Adults Baby Sleeping, 24 Soothing Sounds

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  • The Sound Machine has a built-in 52mm Hi-Fi speaker, makes the sounds more real and comfortable. It will help block disruptive environmental noises, make you fall asleep easier and deeper.
  • This Sound Machine with 5 White Noise (Brown /Pink /White Noise etc.), 5 Fan Sounds (Box Fan /Industrial Fan etc.), 7 Nature Sounds (Rain /Thunderstorm /Brook /Ocean etc.), 7 Unique Sounds (Lullaby /Heartbeat/Piano etc.)
  • The relaxing White Noise, Nature Sounds, Lullaby etc. helps your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer whether it’s nap time or night time.
  • 24 Sounds are separated into 4 buttons then you can select your favorite sound more convenient. You can use a Headphone to listen privately. 
  • The timer provides 30/60/90min option.  Powered by AC or USB  Compact and portable, easily fits into a bag or suitcase for traveling

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