Mosalogic Mosquito Trap UV Light Indoor Gnat Moth Trap Bug Zapper Insect Killer with 2 Modes of Night Light

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Color Name:: 1 Pack - White
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  • The Trapper can catch mosquito, moth, flies, gnat. And it can be a night light in winter without mosquito. Tip: After turning on the ultraviolet mode, it is recommended that you leave the room to achieve a better effect. (Mosquitoes are attracted to human odors)
  •  It is a common for mosquito and fly zapper to utilize ultraviolet light to lure fly insects. This product uses two types of UVA light, with wavelengths of 365 nm and 395 nm, attracting more insects which owned phototaxis. 
  •  With the help of non-toxic and no unpleasant odor glue boards, The trap’s Sticky Tech glue card quietly traps flying insects, once they are trapped, they cannot escape.
  • There are two modes of night lights. The first mode is a constant, bright light. The second mode has a sensing device which automatically turns on the light when it gets dark and turns off the light when it becomes light outside.
  • The light will be directed against the wall to avoid injuring your eyes. This method is safer than traditional mosquito trappers, which emit ultraviolet light directly into the air. 

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