Hansgrohe Dog Shower Bundle

Sale price$300.00


•        DogShower
•        Universal diverter
•        QuickConnect adapter
•        Shower hose
•        Outdoor garden hose connector


  • BETTER BATHING EXPERIENCE: hansgrohe shower specialists optimized the spray performance to fully rinse shampoo and clean paws - all with reduced noise and easy clean up
  • THOROUGH RINSING: The sturdy yet flexible silicone nozzles rinse out shampoo easily, even from thick undercoat
  • COMFORTABLE: The comfort handle and curved design combine to provide fatigue-free grooming
  • SPRAY MODES: The DogShower features a deep fur jet for the body, a gentle leg jet for targeted cleaning, and a powerful rinse for dirty paws
  • EASY SPRAY SELECT: A simple push of the Select button makes it easy to choose the desired spray type
  • LESS MESSES: The water flow automatically reduces when the boost button on the handle is released, preventing extra water spray in the bathroom
  • EASY CLEAN: The soft and sturdy silicone nozzles are easy to clean, simply wipe any excess fur off with your hands
  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: This product includes the DogShower, universal diverter, QuickConnect adapter, shower hose, outdoor garden hose connector
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The DogShower simply screws onto a standard 1/2-inch shower connection and includes a standard garden hose connector
  • The QuickConnect adapter allows for easy switching to and from an everyday handshower.

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