Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon

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In this complete play in a box, the mighty Ender Dragon, Minecraft's ultimate boss, battles it out with Steve! Enormous Ender Dragon measures 20 inches (50 cm) wing to wing and 22 inches (55 cm) tip to tail and emits light and ferocious sounds.

Playset includes 3.25 inch (8 cm) Steve figure that shows color-change battle damage when hit by the Ender Dragon's misty breath! Makes a thrilling addition to any Minecraft player's collection. Colors and decorations may vary.


  • Suit of armor
  • A weapon
  • A battle accessory


  • Figure really comes to life as it expels a misty dragon breath that shows color-change battle damage on the included Steve figure!
  • ​Ender Dragon also emits intimidating lights and sounds authentic to Minecraft!
  • ​Steve figure suits up for battle with included battle armor, weapon and battle accessory.
  • ​A thrilling action and battling gift for fans who love the drama and action of Minecraft

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