Oceanic Adult Snorkeling Set

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Oceanic Youth Snorkeling Set includes an oversized two lens mask for better upper and lower visibility, hypoallergenic and variable geometry fitted liquid silicone skirt, and comfort ski strap with integrated no hassle snorkel keeper. Oceanic proprietary patented dry top snorkel, with ergonomic comfort mouthpiece, and a lower purge valve ensures an enjoyable experience in the water.


  • 1x Mask
  • 1x Dry Snorkel
  • 2x Fins (1 Pair)
  • 1x Mesh Carry Bag

Size : Large/X-Large



  • Snorkel features a patented dry top (US 7,077,127 & 6,904,910) preventing water from entering the snorkel—even in rough conditions. From pool to reef, it gives you confidence that each inhalation is dry, safe and effective. Also features a soft silicone mouthpiece to prevent jaw fatigue and a purge valve to remove residual water. 
  • Mask features tempered glass lenses with a wide field of vision providing a panoramic view. Also features a soft silicone skirt to fit a variety of youth faces.
  • Taking a note from ski goggle design, the strap is wide and comfortable and made from a soft material that prevents hair entanglement and slippage. Further maximizing comfort, the large adjustment buckle guarantees a pain- and pinch-free fit.
  • Adjustable silicone heel strap comfortably accommodates a wide range of foot sizes. 

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