OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, Magnetic Electric Handwarmer 2 Pack

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  • Magical magnetic attraction makes the twins handwarmer attached to each other, and easy separate when needed. Slide them into the pockets, hold one in each hands, share one heater with your family or combine them to get 1 palm-sized hand warmer.
  • Quick Heat Release: Feel Warm in Seconds. 20% power density increased, MagTwins produces a massive heat in seconds. Super durable, smooth, unibody high grade brushed aluminum housing promotes heat retention and even heat distribution.
  • Ultimate Warming Experiences: Ergonomically comfortable. Aesthetically pleasing. MagTwins offers 4 levels of heating temperatures from cozy warmth to 145℉ hot. Choose your most comfortable heat. We simplify your operation by memorized the heating level you chose last time and turn to the level for the next time.
  • Longer Lasting Warmth: Dual Purpose. Each piece of MagTwins armed with 5000mAh rechargeable battery, it can produces a massive heat output run time of 8+ hours on low, or charger your phone up to 1.5+ times at a full capacity.

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