Old Spice Krakengard Body Wash for Men, 2 x 887 mL

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This powerful body wash has an improved formula resulting in long-lasting lather, so you can get thoroughly clean and know it. The scent features a classic masculine fragrance with modern embellishments, including a blend of citrus fruit, fresh herb, and precious wood notes. Dare we say, this is one sniffworthy scent. The first rule of the kraken is, "Shhh, don't tell anyone how good I smell." Check out the entire Old Spice wild collection and smell sniffworthy.

  • Old Spice Krakengard cleans away dirt and odour with long-lasting lather and the ridiculously long-lasting fresh scent of citrus and legend
  • Stay sniffworthy longer with an improved longer lasting scent that leaves you sniffworthy all day long
  • Get thoroughly clean with 3X defense from Old Spice Men's Body Wash and unleash clean, lather and lasting scent

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