Purenature Fabric Softener, 666 wash loads

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The bulk box uses 90% less plastic than single-use bottles, is easy to carry and is made of 100% post-consumer fibre. The fabric softener is HE (high efficiency) certified and its biodegradable formulation meets uncompromising specifications. It is guaranteed to have no harmful chemicals.


  • Dimensions (L × W × H): 33 cm × 27.9 cm × 22.9 cm (13 in. × 11 in. × 9 in.)     


  • 2 × 10 L (2.64 gal.) box
  • Up to 666 loads, 333 loads per box
  • Scent: geranium and lavender
  • Climate Change Certified by ECOCERT
  • Safe for children, pets and fabrics
  • Compatible with high efficiency (HE) and standard washing machines        

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