Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 3-pack of 625 (2 Packs)

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Q-tips Cotton Swabs, available in a convenient 3-pack of 625 in each pack, bring you the perfect combination of versatility and reliability for various applications. With a total of 1,875 cotton swabs in this 2-pack bundle, you'll have an ample supply for a multitude of tasks. The soft and gentle cotton tips make these swabs suitable for a wide range of uses. Whether you're applying makeup with precision, cleaning intricate spaces, or addressing first aid needs, these swabs provide the accuracy and comfort you need. The sturdy stems of the cotton swabs offer excellent control, ensuring that they remain reliable and won't easily bend or break during use. Keep these multi-purpose cotton swabs on hand for your daily hygiene routines, beauty rituals, and household tasks. The 2-pack bundle ensures you're well-stocked for all your swabbing needs.• Features:
  • Q-Tips
  • Pack of 3750


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Country of Origin - Assembly: US - United States
Universal Product Code (UPC check): 00000146953536

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