T-fal ActiFry Genius+ Fryer

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The perfect size for families up to 6, you can prepare a delicious meal easily and faster by choosing from one of 9 versatile preset menu programs. Cook up to 20% faster, more evenly with crispier results thanks to the Genius unique temperature regulator technology.

  • 1 Actifry fryer
  • Stirring paddle
  • Table spoon spoon
  • Cook meals with 99% less added fat and achieve delicious texture and taste, thanks to the exclusive Dual Motion Technology, which combines hot air and gentle stirring for perfect results. 14 ml spoon included.
  • Thanks to the upgraded temperature regulator, cooking can now be more homogenous with crispier results and faster cooking times.  
  • Features 9 preset menu programs for versatility: fries, breaded snacks, battered snacks, rolls, meat and vegetable balls, chicken, wok, world cuisine, and desserts.
  • ActiFry Genius is equipped with an intelligent Stirring Paddle that automatically adjusts its movement according to the cooking program you select.
  • Paddle IN, no shaking or stirring is required. Paddle OUT, more versatility in the kitchen, including the most delicate of recipes

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