Thermacell Patio-Shield Area 12-Hour DEET-Free Electric Mosquito/Insect Repellent Torch, 3-pk

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The 3-Pack mosquito repeller system creates 13.5 meters of perimeter area mosquito protection (4.5 meters per repeller), or 63 sq. meters total. The system comes with 3 ground stakes, 3 post mounts, 3 mosquito repellers, nine 4-hour repellent mats, and three 12-hour fuel cartridges.

Simply place a repeller every 4.5 meters for a continuous protection area and add additional repellers to protect larger areas. Once you have planned out the perimeter around your entertaining area, insert a fresh cartridge and mat, and enjoy hours of mosquito-free fun.


Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Perimeter System 3-Pack creates 13.5 meters of perimeter mosquito protection (4.5 meters per repeller), or 63 sq. meters total

Heat-activated mosquito repellent technology with no cords or batteries needed

Long-lasting bug spray alternative powered by safe and compact fuel cartridges that provide heat to activate the repellent for 12 hours. 4-hour repellent mats turn white when it's time to replace


  • (3) ground stakes,
  • (3) post mounts,
  • (3) mosquito repellers,
  • (9) 4-hour repellent mats, and
  • (3) 12-hour fuel cartridges

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