Vegehome Jardin Pro indoor Garden with 12 Pods Starter Kit

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Pro is a hydroponic garden equipped with as many as 12 planting beds, allowing you to germinate sprouts and continue growing herbs and smaller vegetables 365 days a year. 
You can also use your Vegehome Indoor Garden as a nursery.  Kick Start the growing season by transplanting your plants to your garden or to your pots.


  • 1 x lighting panel
  • 1 x growing plate
  • 1 x water tank
  • 12 x seeded pods
  • 4 x green plug
  • 1 x nutrient kit
  • 2 x pipette
  • 2 x divider
  • 1 x water-level floater
  • 1 x power plug


  • Grow all year long – pods stay fresh up to 1 year
  • 50% faster growth than a soil plant 
  • Smart automatic light cycle 
  • Lighting panel is height adjustable and tiltable allowing you to grow taller and larger varieties 
  • Model water tank is enriched with oxygen which means stronger, healthier roots as well as optimal nutrient delivery
  • New configuration allows for the right spacing between your plants 
  • Larger capacity water tank means the roots have enough room to expand to their full potential

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